Our Mission

Our mission is to bring philosophical thinking into the lives of young learners around the world.

We want to inspire young people and help them to discover the joy of philosophical thinking and the importance of critical thinking in their lives.

To this end, our philosophy teaching resources focus less on 'teaching about philosophy to' and more on 'doing philosophy with' learners; if you enjoy lively discussions, heated debates, and expanding minds: our resources are for you!

Who Are Our Resources For?

Aside from philosophical and critical thinking skills, we hope our resources will cultivate the interpersonal and social skills demanded by intense debates, deep discussions and controversial disagreements. More than ever we are seeing the importance of teaching people to 'disagree in an agreeable manner' for the sake of a functioning democracy.

Philosophy in Schools Helps to...

Our downloads are aimed at teachers, form-tutors, and educators for use with mixed-ability students aged 8-16. Philosophical and critical thinking can be cultivated in all school subjects; some of our resources focus on general areas of philosophy whilst others are more suited to specific school subjects.

Building Social & Interpersonal Skills

  • Boost critical thinking & questioning skills

  • Contribute towards the Social, Moral, Spiritual & Cultural (SMSC) remit of teachers and schools

  • Help students to live wiser lives informed by scepticism, rationality and reason

  • Connect learning to the bigger picture

How Our Resources Work

Our philosophy teaching resources are incredibly easy to use: they feature an interactive menu system so that teachers can effortlessly select starter, main, plenary, assessment and end-of-lesson activities at will. This means that the resources are adaptable to different teachers' styles and have the flexibility to adapt to different students and classes.

“An education isn’t how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It’s being able to differentiate between what you know and what you don’t.”

– Anatole France

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